"How peaceful is life

of one who breaks away from worldly noise

and follows the hidden path;

the ground of those few wise men who were in the world!"



The sweet and yet intense sonority of two “vihuelas” is the main ground of an ensemble that performs early repertoires from a subtle and intimate perspective. El Canto del Caballero presents its performances as a musical and poetical space, unveiling the many nuances and timbric possibilities offered by two early plucked instruments and a voice.

In Europe during the XVI century, transcriptions of vocal polyphonic masterpieces were an important repertoire source for instruments such as the vihuela and the lute. In the Iberian Peninsula, vihuela players adapted pieces by the most notable composers of the time to their instrument. The intimate knowledge of such music encouraged a new way of approaching the repertoire; intimate feeling, subtlety and introspection were the main expressive and dynamic assets employed by the old vihuelists.

In that same spirit, El Canto del Caballero uses their own, as well as original transcriptions to devise their concert programmes.

In order to attain the best possible sound interaction, El Canto del Caballero plays exclusively on vihuelas and lutes made by Alfonso Marin.

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Vihuela and Lute